you deserve to feel good incredible about yourself.

Hey Momma,

As a mom of 4, I understand how busy life can feel - from morning till night. That’s why it breaks my heart that most women don’t know this truth:

You can be a great mom / career woman / spouse

Have “me time” to nourish yourself divinely.


Feeling great is NOT something left behind in our 20's. It is absolutely within reach to:

Pause and have time for YOU (no matter what your calendar looks like) 
Find creativity and joy in cooking (even if it feels like a chore now)
Love every part of yourself vs. yearn for younger skin

When we allow ourselves to get curious, connect back to our identities and re-find joy in cooking / smelling a mint leaf / 5 minutes of yoga, I promise you that life-changing transformation is ahead. 

You can slow down, cherish yourself AND still be there for others (I promise)

I’ve shown 100s of women how to root back into who they are, carve out self-care time *even with young kids* and feel gorgeous in their own skin. How? 


Take me on your next walk

On my podcast, I dive into all the wellness topics I reveal to clients and at *inner circle* dinner parties.

Beauty tricks (The makeup I WISH I’d known 5 years ago, especially with maturing skin) 
Interviews with all my best wellness experts

This is the goodness normally shared with private clients. With each episode, it’s like you’re here in my foresty Indiana backyard.


Join the nourishing collective

Want to slow down and wake up joyful each day? 

This is the private membership for 35 year old+ women ready to grow, like the Swiss Chard in my beloved garden.

This is a coveted place of self-acceptance.

A place to break from daily errands and ground down. 

A place to gather, in self-loving, raw, honest community


As we say to dinner party guests…


What Simple Meals I Eat in A Day

The #1 asked question I get: 

What do I eat that’s fast, fuels a high metabolism and gives all-day energy? 

You’re about to find out. 
Grain-free./ Gluten Free

These delicious foods I spent YEARS perfecting, after culinary school. 

My daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is broken down for you, easy peasy. 

I believe in the power of gathering at the dinner table and walking in nature. 

(And chocolate as medicine. ;) 

From a career in real estate, I’ve also learned this: 

The most important properties of all are your own body and mind. And just like your home, you deserve to be taken care of. 

More about Jessica

As a mom of 4 raised by foodies, I’ve spent years teaching fitness, yoga and culinary practices. My calling is: 

To help moms step into the most raw versions of themselves. 
The world doesn’t need more women holding themselves back.

Show our children how to embody self love and acceptance

We get to show ourselves and the next generation how to nourish ourselves from a place of love. (And from fermented grapes. A healthy diet always features a glass of merlot. ;)

Yoga Teacher, Culinary Buff and Curiosity Advocate

Hi! I'm Jessica: