Yoga teacher
Culinary savant
Mom (of four)
on a mission

I'm Jessica:

Raised by passionate foodies, I was shown the power of food, movement and quality family time from a young age. However, teaching yoga for years unveiled a truth. After hearing countless women struggle to create “me time”...

The heart-breaking realization hit:

As a mom of 4 and having overcome eating disorders, I want to give you hope. I am living proof that you can finally slow down and accept who you are. There is an aligned balance between your identity as a woman and parent.

Most women feel too overwhelmed to nourish their minds, bodies and passions.

I went from real estate to getting real on women’s health

For years, I was incredibly hard on myself, I—

Worked in real estate (I was one of the youngest people in the USA to become a Certified Commercial Investment Manager) 

Was hyper-critical of my body, which led to eating disorders in my 20s 

Pushed myself in hard exercise classes, always trying to prove I was strong and “enough” 

If I’ve been able to find a slower pace of life, true body acceptance and daily peace, any woman can. 

In 1 year, I gave birth and rebirthed through yoga

The journey to yoga was unexpected, like a surprise package on your doorstep.
I’d just had my first daughter and was re-discovering my identity, As a mom, I’m sure you understand. 

Hot yoga showed me the power of flowing, both on the mat and in real life. It showed me I could be a parent and still have time to nourish myself. 

The more I connected back with my body, the more I was able to: 

Be an energetic example to my kids
Slow down, to *ironically* speed up in goals 
Find joy in daily life, with a newfound patience (even with my hubby) 

Explore the membership

Child’s pose has power, but women came to me again and again asking to go deeper. They weren’t taking 5 minutes to meditate at home. They weren’t savoring breakfast. They saw cooking as a chore. 

In short, my clients felt stressed out as f***. 

It’s why I created my membership, so women can FINALLY access all the tools I built for myself and the women who wanted to reclaim their authentic self. 

I founded a yoga studio, and the truth hit: 

Tree Pose wasn’t enough, women needed more 

The *secret sauce* INGREDIENTS OF ME, Jessica


I went to culinary school for fun 

In 2008, this Midwestern gal attended the Art Institute Culinary Program. 

*My dad became a sommelier for pure joy. Turns out... Foodie runs in the family.



I’ve traveled around the world, from African safaris to Aspen getaways. 

My ultimate spot to refuel that doesn’t even have signage, that’s off a hidden road? Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. *The original farm to table experience*


My Brussel Sprout Salad is award-winning (literally) 

The cuisine compliments that mean the most are from friends and family.

But Maple Leaf Farms and other magazines happened to agree. ;) 


I admit it: I own a Peloton (Here’s why) 

For our 10th anniversary, my *sweetheart* husband got a Peloton spin bike.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t use it. Pilates, yoga, boxing all filled the calendar. Now, I’m a convert. 

I am a certified yogi, like very certified

I am a two time certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance.